Nicola Nadeau – Group leader

The adaptation to altitude team

Patricio SalazarPost Doctoral Research Associate, NERC funded project “Understanding temperature adaptation in tropical insects”

Yacine Ben ChehidaPost Doctoral Research Associate, NERC funded project “The genetic basis of convergence across evolutionary time”

PhD Students

Juan Enciso – Predicting genomic effects on structural colour (Leverhulme CABM, co-supervised by Andrew Parnell, Physics and Astronomy and Camilo Salazar, Universidad del Rosario)

The group with a giant pumpkin with a butterfly carved in it.

Victoria Lloyd – The evolutionary development of structural colour in tropical butterflies (NERC ACCE)

Tien Nguyen – Understanding temperature adaptation in tropical Andean butterflies (NERC ACCE)

Affiliated PhD students

Frane Babarovic – The biogeographic consequences of sexual and natural selection (with Gavin Thomas and Chis Cooney)

Ateah Alfakih – Colouration-based behaviours in allopatric populations of the euryhaline Arabian killifish (with Penelope Watt)

Masters Students

Anna Coales – MBiolSci

Merie Aboudi – MBiolSci

Lab Alumni

Imogen Elliott – MRes 2021, The effects of rearing temperature on development and adult thermal tolerance in the tropical butterfly, Heliconius sara

Eve Scott – MRes 2021, The role of iridescent structural colour in male preference in Heliconius sara

Luke Richardson – MBiolSci 2021, Variation across an altitudinal cline in the red wing patches of two neotropical butterflies, Heliconius erato and Heliconius melpomene

Gabriela Montejo-Kovacevich – PhD 2021, The genetic basis for altitudinal adaptation in Heliconius butterflies (with Chris Jiggins, University of Cambridge)

Jonathan Wood – MRes 2020, The thermoregulatory ability of Heliconius butterflies at different elevations in the Andes

Sophie Smith – Postgraduate Research Assistant 2020

Harriet Smith – MBiolSci 2020, The importance of iridescent structural colour for mate choice in Heliconius sara butterflies.

Rory Cooper – PhD 2020, The evolution and development of shark scales (with Gareth Fraser)

Gonzalo Castiella Ona – Erazmus+ intern 2019

Melanie Brien – PhD 2019, The genetics and evolution of iridescence and structural colour in Heliconius butterflies. eThesis (NERC ACCE funded)

Hannah Bainbridge – MBiolSci 2019, Convergent evolution of quantitative pattern variation in mimetic butterflies.

Shaun Goodall – MBiolSci 2019, Using gene expression data to identify genes controlling iridescent structural colour.

Emma Curran – PhD 2018, An exploration of the parallel evolution of iridescent structural colour in Heliconius butterflies. eThesis (NERC ACCE funded)

Jennifer Smith – MBiolSci 2018, Morphological variation in Heliconius butterflies over altitudinal gradients.

Dirleane Ottonelli Rossato, visitor from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil,  Do agricultural practices affect butterfly dispersal and genetic diversity?

Anna Puttick – MBiolSci 2017, Sexual dimorphism in structural and pigmentary colour in the co-mimetic butterflies Heliconius erato and Heliconius melpomene.

Thomas Gomersall – MBiolSci 2017, Are Heliconius butterflies capable of social learning?

Amruta Tendolkar – Genes and Development Summer Studentship 2016, Expression of the novel colour patterning gene Cortex

Gracie Adams – Summer Internship 2016, Morphological and genetic diversity in populations of the butterfly Heliconius sara

Adam Gillis – MBiolSci 2016, Assortative mating and sexual dichromatism in Heliconius erato cyrbia.

James Bradford – NERC ACCE research experience placement 2015, The Diversity of wing scale structure responsible for structural colour in Heliconius

Fieldwork in Colombia
Fieldwork in Colombia