Fieldwork in Colombia and Panama

Colombian Pacific coast

We are recently back from a sampling trip to the Pacific coasts of Colombia and Panama. Thanks to our Colombian collaborators, Camilo Salazar, Mauricio Linares and Carolina Pardo-Diaz for organising access to some amazing and remote locations. We are interested in the Heliconius erato and H. melpomene butterflies from this region because they have intermediate levels of iridescence that are between the bright blue that we find in Ecuador and the mat black found further north and east in Panama. The variation found across the region gives the possibility of finding genes that control that variation.

samplng locations

Popgroup and outreach event

Sheffield is hosting the annual Population Genetics Group meeting, which starts today! As part of this we are running and outreach event where eight speakers will give 5 minute presentations of their work aimed at a public audience. The event is this evening (Tuesday 6th Jan) at 9pm in the Student’s Union Building, Inox discovery room 3.