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Festival of the Mind

Next week the university is hosting the Festival of the Mind a collaboration between our academic colleagues and experts from Sheffield’s cultural and creative industries.

We have been working with artist Sarah Jane Palmer to create artwork telling the story of some our research. this will be on display in the millennium gallery from Thursday 20 – Thursday 27 September as part of the Futurecade.  Sarah will also be giving a talk at 4pm on 20 September, with a question and answer session with Nicola.

Structural colour

Here is a video I made to demonstrate structural colour. The blue colour on these butterflies’ wings is produced when light passes through nano-metre scale structures and the interfaces between these and the surrounding air. When ethanol is dropped onto the wings these air spaces are filled in and so the colour changes. The video is at 2x actual speed, so you can see that the colour comes back when the ethanol evaporates.

Butterflies in the Winter Gardens!

On the 25th and 26th of March we are going to be displaying some of our work and our live butterflies in the Sheffield Winter Garden. Come along to escape the wintery weather and find out about tropical butterflies and their colours! We will be on-hand to explain what we do and why we think butterflies and their colours are interesting.


Popgroup and outreach event

Sheffield is hosting the annual Population Genetics Group meeting, which starts today! As part of this we are running and outreach event where eight speakers will give 5 minute presentations of their work aimed at a public audience. The event is this evening (Tuesday 6th Jan) at 9pm in the Student’s Union Building, Inox discovery room 3.